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I'm Jesse; a native New Yorker, perpetual explorer, and freelance documentary - travel - art photographer based in Brooklyn. I am currently participating in the International Center of Photography's yearlong documentary photography intensive program.  


I spent the first decade of my career working in international development, global health, and public policy, across every continent not named Australia or Antarctica. Even before taking up photography full-time, I  documented my work and experiences through the camera (and the pen).


My primary guiding principle as a visual artist is a deep sense of empathy. I attempt to build a bridge between the subject and viewer by evoking the viewer's curiosity for further discovery, and by using my background in anthropology and human rights to place my images in greater historical and sociological contexts. 


My photography and writing has been published by VICE News, the Brookings Institution, Huffington Post, Getty Images, the ACLU, and more. 


Phone: +1-201-638-4555

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